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Located in Clearwater serving Tampa Bay, Clearwater and St Petersburg and surrounding areas


Interior Design

At Creative Edge Design, we are firm believers that the primary responsibility of an interior designer is to transform a house into a home. Sure, it is important that a well-built home has a solid foundation, a well-designed architectural layout and a functioning electrical system. However, without the elegant finesse of an interior designer, it is unlikely that your Tampa Bay home will have the same glowing embrace that it could have.

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Kitchen Interior Design

Kitchens are the centerpiece of a well-designed home. Sure, they need to be functional places that make cooking a pleasure. But there’s more to kitchens than cooking. They have a kind of gravitational force about them. They draw you in. They draw your guests together. They’re a place for meeting, tasting, drinking, saying goodbye, or talking well into the night.

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Boutique Hotels

The Tampa Bay’s red-hot tourism and business travel industry shows no signs of slowing. So you’ve secured funding, got your partners on board, and have signed on a location. Before you break ground on what could be Tampa Bay’s hottest new boutique hotel, you need to consider the whole design.

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Creative Edge Design Interior Blueprint
Creative Edge Design Interior Layout