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Boutique Hotels
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So You Want to Open a Boutique Hotel in Tampa Bay, FL

The Tampa Bay’s red-hot tourism and business travel industry shows no signs of slowing. So you’ve secured funding, got your partners on board, and have signed on a location. Before you break ground on what could be Tampa Bay’s hottest new boutique hotel, you need to consider the whole design.

When you trust your multimillion dollar venture to an interior design company, you want to be sure you’re making the right decision. We at Creative Edge Design have prepared this list of things to consider before you invest in boutique hotel interior design.

The Best Boutique Hotels are More Than Innovative Hotel Room Design

What Creative Edge Design understands is the same thing your customer understands: when you’re staying at a luxury or boutique hotel, you’re not just looking for a place to rest your head. You’re looking for an experience.

Innovative hotel room design isn’t only based on the features of the building. The best designs are focused from the top down on providing a cohesive and unique experience to your guests. From ‘foodie’ hotels to more conventional luxury spas, or whether your prospective hotel will serve four guests or 40, you and your designer must sit down and discuss every aspect of the guests’ stay before pen is ever set to paper on the hotel room interior design.

Being a hotelier is an extremely competitive industry with tight margins. You need to be certain of your vision and work with a design company that knows your vision inside and out.

Luxury Bedrooms Aren’t Enough

Years ago, any difference from the standard hotel room design with prefab furniture and paint-by-numbers was enough to stand out from the big chains. But boutique hotels are a part of tourism landscape by now and customers are ever more discerning.

One of the best and most promising trends in hotel room interior design is having individual room designs. You can even bring in local artists to add finishing touches to each room, commanding premium prices from guests who want to take in Tampa’s art scene.

Your interior decorating ideas may be polished, but have you thought about the design of the stairwells? The bathrooms in the restaurant? Your consumers want every detail to be considered for a truly innovative hotel room design. Beautiful hotel design goes beyond luxury bedrooms and into making every aspect of your guests’ stay a memorable and creative one. At Creative Edge Design, we know how to think about the little details so you don’t have to.

Trust an Interior Design Company With Experience

At Creative Edge Design, we have an impressive portfolio that demonstrates our commitment to beautiful hotel designs.

Whether you’re an accomplished hotelier about to break ground on your new legacy project or a greenhorn when it comes to interior decorating ideas, trust us for your next boutique hotel design project. We’re happy to discuss a no-obligation consultation whether you call us or send us an email. Let’s sit down and build an experience together.

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